Monday, March 2, 2015

Twin Falls, Ohia Lehua, Baby/puppy/beach, Keawekapu, Jade flower -- 5 Shots Around the Island #MauiNoKaOi 03.02.15

March 2, 2015

So enjoying these photos!

Twin Falls from the back, by @carlyvacher
A photo posted by Twin Falls, Maui, Hawaii (@twin_falls_maui) on

'Ōhi'a lehua, from Noho'ana Farm

Baby and puppy and beach, by @hanamauicreate

Keawekapu by @peterliu47
A photo posted by Peter Liu (@peterliu47) on

Jade flower in Hana by @TobyNeal0
A photo posted by Toby Neal (@tobyneal0) on


Saturday, February 28, 2015

Five More Gorgeous Shots From Around the Island #MauiNoKaOi 2.28.15 - Whales, Bird, Surfing, Kahakuloa, & 'A'ali'i

February 28, 2015

These photos make me smile!

Close encounter of the whale kind by @mauihi
A photo posted by Maui Hawaii (@mauihi) on

Bird on median by @librarianinblack
A photo posted by Sarah Houghton (@librarianinblack) on

Amazing colors and textures from @mauisurfphotos
A photo posted by mauisurfphotos (@mauisurfphotos) on

Kahakuloa from Mokulele by @thealohajewish
A photo posted by Arianna Feinberg (@thealohajewish) on

'A'ali'i, by @nohoanafarm

Thanks, everyone!