Puunene Reunion 2007 Documentary

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Time -- There Never Seems to Be Enough of it!

I'll keep this blog live, but I'll be on vacation from posting for now.

I'm still tweeting at @Celebrate_Maui, though, so be sure to join me there!

Also, I have a professional account at mauilibrarian2 in Olinda, where I'm blogging regularly. So that's where you can find me. (And on Twitter at mauilibrarian2.)

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Monday, January 2, 2017

We Remember Puunene - 2007 Reunion - on YouTube

I had the privilege of filming the two-day Puunene Reunion in 2007.

It was such a joy to record the precious memories of the people of Puunene!

Table of Contents:

3:06 Puunene School
5:11 Church
7:46 Welcome, Introductions
11:54 Opening Speech, More introductions
13:59 Honorees
14:26 Dr. William Patterson
16:12 Rose Freitas
18:32 Joe Souki
20:20 Joe Pontanilla
22:03 Chuck Hazama
23:31 Nancy DeLuiz
25:47 People of Puunene
27:54 Mayor Charmaine Tavares Address
28:39 Lunch, Food
31:12 Prizes
32:14 Entertainment
(35:31 Puunene Radio Revue)
38:59 Everyday Life
42:10 Places
45:58 Fun & Games
51:00 Luau
52:05 Quilt Auction
53:17 Sunday Talk Story Session
54:56 Reflection
56:06 "Aloha Beloved Puunene"
59:00 Credits and Reflections

Every reunion attendee received a copy of the video, and it aired on AKAKU Public Television for a couple of years.

Now that HC&S has closed, I have decided to share the video publicly on YouTube. Feel free to share (Creative Commons - Attribution) with those you know will appreciate learning about and remembering the beautiful people and culture of Puunene.


Linda Lindsay

Friday, September 16, 2016

Upcountry Maui #abundance


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