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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Just So You Know About My Beloved Shadow

Breed: Black Lab Mix

Weight: 80 lbs.

Aliases: Puppers, Doggy-dog-dog, Sweetie Pie, Sweet-Sweet-Sweet, Shadow Boy -- officially? Shadow Lucky Lindsay

Physical description: Coal BLACK, with a white beard and a few white hairs on his paws as he aged. Slightly crooked tail that made me fall in love with him. Beautiful brown eyes with a well-played sideways "I don't want to go outside" glance. Ears that go sometimes floppy and sometimes pointy, depending on his mood and the direction of the wind. Strong DEEP authoritative bark to scare away strangers.

Disposition: FRIENDLY, mellow.

Favorites: PEOPLE, jumping for popcorn, RIDING in the car, sniffing everywhere, long drawn-out naps, eating poop :)

Least favorites: CATS,  fireworks, thunder and lightning, and chickens, in that order.

Favorite special treats: Anything with GRAVY, raw eggs, SHRIMP TAILS, doggie biscuits, char siu manapua filling ...  to name a few.

Favorite places to be scratched: cheek, neck, belly, back -- okay, pretty much anywhere, but most of all the cheek. But full body massages preferred.

Thirteen years is a long time. My entire routine revolved around this sweet loving creature. He was my constant, loyal companion.

I miss him a lot.