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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Celebrate Maui is Back! Has it been a year‽

I'm back!

This blog has been needing some love for a year now, and I've returned with renewed energy to spread my version of what's to love about Maui.

Let's get started with my latest tweets! 

#AlmaMater love

Appreciate your teachers!

I'm planning to be there!

Eddie Flotte is a Maui treasure!

Love Lahaina Coolers!

Meals for the keiki #excellent!

Learn to swim!

By the time you read this the event will probably be over, but isn't it the coolest that our Hawaii public library system sponsors these events?


More #LibraryLove 
I tweeted about this, but you should read about it from the source:

More reasons to Celebrate Maui coming soon ...

I hope you find ways to Celebrate Maui every day!