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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Maui Bloggers on Google+

Just under the wire again with my monthly blog post for Maui Bloggers Network!

It was so much fun blog-hopping through the Maui Bloggers Network and writing about 10 Maui People BIG on Pinterest that I thought I'd do another list: Maui Bloggers on Google+.

Google+ has been on my radar for a few months now. It's a social media community that I think will fundamentally change the way we communicate, as some of Google's products have already done. But that's my personal opinion and material for a post on my mauilibrarian2 in Olinda blog.

Maui is just beginning to get interested in Google+, as far as I can tell. I found only a few official looking accounts:
Maui No Ka Oi, which is Maui County's account. Maui County's YouTube videos are linked to the account.
Maui Visitors and Convention Bureau
TEDxMaui on Google+
And Maui, Hawaii is the only active Maui-based Google+ Community that I could find. Please tell me if you know of others and I'll add them.

Peter Liu is a social media rock star, so of course he has a Google+ account. Peter did a Hangout on Air demo back in November as part of a MauiSMUG event. You'll see some familiar faces introducing themselves in this 5-minute demo.

So here it is, a list of Maui bloggers on Google+, in alphabetical order. My criteria for the list? At least 100 people following. I think 100 indicates involvement.

The numbers of course will be outdated as soon as I click Publish, but you get the idea of how engaged (or how long) these Maui bloggers have been on Google+.

I've added them all to my "Maui Bloggers" circle, which I'm sharing with you HERE:
  1. Kathy Becklin 171 - Maui real estate professional
  2. Erik Blair 679 - The Accidental Consultant 
  3. Randy Jay Braun 21,258 - Photographer (and Google+ star)
  4. Sarah Burns 503 - Tadah Social Media
  5. Roxanne Darling 1,368 - Barefeet Studios
  6. Howard Dinitz 396 - easyMauirealestate.com
  7. David Fisher 163 - Maui Venture Consulting LLC
  8. Jesse Francis 846 - mauicomputer.com
  9. Marilyn Jansen Lopes 110 - Maui Country Farm Tours
  10. Luana Fukumoto 358 - Covenant Clothing Co.
  11. Pete Jalbert 461 - Real estate agent
  12. Jt Klough 152 - Maui Dog Remedies
  13. Wendy Laurel 139 - Photographer
  14. Linda Lindsay 362 - me, school librarian with a definite #gonegoogle bent
  15. Peter Liu 548 - Photographer, digital media strategist, TEDxMaui digital media director
  16. Toby Neal  402 - Therapist, author (check out her shiny RED G+ background photo!)
  17. Kris Nelson 146 - Chicago-based photographer who loves Maui and does the Daily Maui Photo 
  18. Chris Norberg 2,320 - Hawaii Web Group website design
  19. Aimee Paradise 193 - Internet Design + PR + Travel
  20. Liza Pierce 309 - A Maui Blog
  21. Shane Robinson 1,881 - Artist Barefeet Studios
  22. Jenn Russo 282 - Maui Time writer
  23. Nicole Sanchez 1,223 - Arbonne area manager
  24. Jake Smookler 429 - Government security officer
  25. Sara Tekula 214 - Producer/Director/Media Consultant
  26. Shannon Wianecki 151 - Writer, editor
Have I missed any Maui blogger with 100 or more Google+ followers? I'm sure I have! Please let me know who you are and I'll add you to the list, as well as to my Google+ shared circle.

Maybe we should have a private Maui Bloggers community on Google+. What do you think?


Helpful links:

Denis Labelle's Google+ Toolbox
Instructions for sharing a circle

WHEW, so many links! Please let me know if I messed up. :)