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Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Quick Peek at a Portuguese Family Reunion -- Maui No Ka Oi Style

The Portuguese side of my family is diverse!

Yes, I have relatives with Portuguese last names Perreira, Martins, Camacho, Pestana, Nunes, Teixeira, Freitas, Cravalho, Fernandez, Vierra, and Moniz. But there are the Hawaiian last names Ka'anoi and Kaawa, the Japanese names Nishihara and Tendo, the Filipino names Enriques, Edralin, and Ribucan (my dad), the Chinese name Ah Heong, and the haole names Dodd, Black, Gilinger, McNaughton, and Vasper. And this is by no means a complete list, lest anyone call me out for missing a name. :)

We are all descendants of Emilia Perreira-Martins and Joao Nunes, both of whom came to Hawaii in the late 1800's (separately), from the Madeira Islands. We've been reuniting in a big way, every two years, since 2005.

This year's event was held on Maui, the weekend of the Maui Fair.

It was a 3-day weekend of fun! The main event was at the Hannibal Tavares Community Center on Saturday. This photo was taken after quite a few people had already left. What a large (and cooperative) group!

Many who attended are pictured here.

Sunday's luncheon at the Hideaway was in a more intimate setting, where we could continue the reminiscing started the day before.

When emcee Patrick called up all the family members who were pure Portuguese, not too many went up. We marveled at the small number, but we weren't surprised. We took a lot of pictures to celebrate this select group.

Pure Portuguese members of my family

The third day was a potluck picnic at Kamaole III -- so relaxing, and the weather was perfect. Cousin Patrick, who's an entertainer in Las Vegas, brought out his ukulele, and it was hula dancing/teaching/laughing time.

How important is it to take the time to celebrate family? Well in my family, both on the Portuguese and the Filipino side (that's material for another post), getting together is very, very important.

What do I love most about these gatherings? Every single time so far, I've met several new relatives. No, I'm not related to everyone on the island, but I am related to many! :)

I'm so fortunate...


Friday, November 25, 2011

Do you shop on Black Friday? -- One older Mauian's thoughts on the subject, short and sweet

Tangerine tree my friend Snooker gave me many moons ago

Things I love about Black Friday:

•There are lots of bargains for those looking for them!
•People are shopping -- stimulation of the economy is definitely a good thing. 

Things I love less about Black Friday:

•Lots of money going to the big boxes, meaning less money going to our Maui-based businesses.
•The hype.
•The traffic.

Am I shopping on Black Friday? Not this year ...

There would be only one reason for me to shop on any Black Friday:

If I or someone I love wanted something very very very badly, and it was on sale on Black Friday only.

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊  

Having things, and having to have them -- that was another decade for me. This decade, and others (hopefully) to come, is all about simplifying, not needing to have so many things, taking good care of the things I have, and donating things no longer used to those who need them.

As I write this in my back yard, I see the elegant sprays of mock orange flowers bordering my yard and the clusters of tangerines adorning the tree Snooker gave me. And the birds are chatting in the trees.

Mock orange bordering my yard 

I don't really need many material things on this particular Black Friday, so no, I won't be shopping today.