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Sunday, July 24, 2011

A High School Class Mini-Reunion + Kahili Restaurant = A Winner!

Many of our classmates, but we want more to attend

No doubt about it, our high school class of 19(clear throat, cover mouth) is a close-knit group. We love getting together. And yes, we also love to eat when we do!

So when June suggested the Kahili Restaurant's All-You-Can-Eat "Killer" Prime Rib & Seafood Friday Night Dinner Buffet for our annual mini-reunion, it sounded perfect for our appetites.

The Kahili didn't disappoint.

Sunday brunch Buffet $22.95, Lunch Bar $9.00,
Friday Nights All-You Can-Eat Prime Rib & Seafood Buffet $34.95
(with service charge & tax, $43.95)

The prime rib was perfect, the seafood fresh, tasty, and varied, and the desserts that are freshly made by the restaurant were delectable.

And, the place was packed -- with local people -- what a wonderful surprise!

Check out this Maui News review:

The two young fellows next to our trio of tables obviously came for one thing only, we noticed. (How could we not notice?) The mound of crab leg skeletons on their table kept growing and growing pretty much the whole time we were there. These enthusiastic eaters are in the background of a good number of the photos I took (which I discretely omit here). :D

The rest of the crowd was not as single-minded, but their enjoyment was palpable too.

The Friday Night Prime Rib & Seafood Buffet is Kahili's stellar offering, and most expensive --  but it is totally worth it, according to our group. The regular menu (online) gives you an idea of Kahili's excellent daily offerings and good value.

(This menu below good until 9/30/11)
Chef Eddie's Specialties

Pupus, Soups, & Salads

Desserts & Beverages

And did I mention the view? Haleakala was clear in the late afternoon and into the evening -- such a majestic and relaxing sight.

Our group thoroughly enjoyed being with each other, and the Kahili Restaurant's setting and food put the evening over the top.

Assistant Manager Tom Frame helped make our evening special!
Yes, we will definitely be back!

And thanks for the recommendation, June -- you were right on!

One last thing: the restaurant is off the beaten path. You might need directions

Kahili on Urbanspoon

Disclaimer: As with all of my posts, this is a genuine, spontaneous, unsolicited, and uncompensated review.

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