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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Necto-plums at Mana Foods? -- Thanks for telling me!

"Maui peeps! Mana has Necta-plums now, for who knows how long. They are to-die-for! Sorry this is a lousy picture, but I didn't realize it until I ate the one I cut open... that was my second. I am NOT going to make a pig of myself!... sooo juicy and good." 
(Facebook entry by my FB friend Michelle, 8/2/11)
Michelle's explanation for the slightly out-of-focus (and I think artistic) photo? "I couldn't hold the camera steady because I was quivering with enjoyment!"
Here's the announcement on the Mana Foods website:
Necto-plums are here
Found out the official word is nectaplum, and the variety is new.  Wikipedia has a stub of an article about it. It's one of several hybrid fruits (aka "designer fruits") that have gained popularity recently. In fact, I think I do recall seeing some hybrid fruits at Costco.
Generally, I like my fresh fruit pure: a mango that's a mango, a papaya that's a papaya, etc. But I want to try a necto-plum!
Guess where I'm headed this morning? :D (I hope they haven't run out)
Update: The verdict i-i-i-i-i-s -- a nectarine taste with a plum texture = a splashy nectarine = ONO!
Couldn't wait -- mid-morning snack for the road!

And, I found this exotic mound of goodies there and bought one (eat it like you would an apple the gal told me)...
One thing I noticed right away? Mana Foods' produce bins are overflowing with fresh organic fruits and vegetables!
Mana abundance
Thanks for the tip, Michelle!

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  1. Let me know what you think when you bite into one!


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