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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Na Kamehameha Commemorative Pa'u Parade in Lahaina, Maui [VIDEO]

One of my "labor of love" projects has been documenting the pa'u riders of Maui who ride in the Kamehameha Day Parade in Lahaina every year.

This year, I decided to do a top-to-bottom video of the entire parade. Grandson Jordan and I filmed, and we had a GRAND time!

I had the opportunity to watch KPOA Morning Goddess Alaka'i Paleka weave her announcer magic up at the Lahaina Pizza Co. Commentary Station. That was a treat! Alaka'i's the voice on the video. (BTW, the pizzadilla, chicken salad, and calzone at Lahaina Pizza Co. were ono!)

I pushed myself this time, committing to finishing the video within a week. Being on summer vacation does help.

So at the same hour that the pa'u riders were getting ready for the parade last week, I offer the video to all Maui pa'u riders and to anyone interested in learning about this lesser-known Hawaiian cultural experience.

(You can order the scene-selectable DVD.)

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

If you want to know more about the history of pa'u riding and the Maui women riders, here's an introductory video I did several years ago:

And yes, pa'u riders, I'm still aiming for a broadcast-quality piece to celebrate pa'u and you ...




  1. awesome video...

  2. Mahalo Nui Aunty Linda,
    for your dedication to sending this throughout the world to learn, know and enjoy. For the glimpse is all I had to have a vision, somewhat of my short and fast Journey to be aware of Pa'u Princess for Lana'i, and for the opportunity to know where this tradition blooms from.
    I am Honored to have the opportunity to see all the other riders as I preceded all the units, without a blink to the other gorgeous units; and most especially for the chance to see my Father, Henry Aki, Proudly enjoying his role along with my children.
    Aloha Ke Akua Pu,
    Mei Lani Aki, Lana'i Princess 2012, Aki Residents of Lana'i
    Ayla Aki, Attendant
    Kamalani Aki, Outrider
    Makenzie Aki, Great daughter attending Pops Henry in Marshall's car

  3. Mahalo NUI Anake Linda Lindsey,

    For your love and dedication to filming this event and passing it down for others to learn, know and experience the depth of How and where this came from. The Honor and Elegance attached to such positions that entails being a part of this great display of OUR TRADITION in Hawaii.

    This was a great honor to represent Princess of Lana'i, and support my father, Henry Kau Aki, with Lani Scott, and great-grandaughter, Makenzie Aki, with Timithy Mederios, Sr. driving the Pa'u Marshall's convertible.

    Especially with fast and short time to put everything demanded of the Unit, I am grateful of the footage of the family that I made in one week, especially to see Anti Leilani Hayes who contributed two of the horses to our unit!

    Aloha ke Akua Pu,
    Mei Lani Aki, 2012 Lana'i Princess
    Ayla Aki, Attendant on inside
    Kamalani Aki, Outrider on outside
    Makenzie Aki, great grand-daughter in car
    Henry Aki, Pa'u Marshall

    From all of us ON LANA'I ~~~ M A H A L O N U I K A K O U !!

  4. Love this! Thank you for sharing! We couldn't make it, so this is a nice break in the day for me. Aloha!


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