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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Maui Bloggers on Google+

Just under the wire again with my monthly blog post for Maui Bloggers Network!

It was so much fun blog-hopping through the Maui Bloggers Network and writing about 10 Maui People BIG on Pinterest that I thought I'd do another list: Maui Bloggers on Google+.

Google+ has been on my radar for a few months now. It's a social media community that I think will fundamentally change the way we communicate, as some of Google's products have already done. But that's my personal opinion and material for a post on my mauilibrarian2 in Olinda blog.

Maui is just beginning to get interested in Google+, as far as I can tell. I found only a few official looking accounts:
Maui No Ka Oi, which is Maui County's account. Maui County's YouTube videos are linked to the account.
Maui Visitors and Convention Bureau
TEDxMaui on Google+
And Maui, Hawaii is the only active Maui-based Google+ Community that I could find. Please tell me if you know of others and I'll add them.

Peter Liu is a social media rock star, so of course he has a Google+ account. Peter did a Hangout on Air demo back in November as part of a MauiSMUG event. You'll see some familiar faces introducing themselves in this 5-minute demo.

So here it is, a list of Maui bloggers on Google+, in alphabetical order. My criteria for the list? At least 100 people following. I think 100 indicates involvement.

The numbers of course will be outdated as soon as I click Publish, but you get the idea of how engaged (or how long) these Maui bloggers have been on Google+.

I've added them all to my "Maui Bloggers" circle, which I'm sharing with you HERE:
  1. Kathy Becklin 171 - Maui real estate professional
  2. Erik Blair 679 - The Accidental Consultant 
  3. Randy Jay Braun 21,258 - Photographer (and Google+ star)
  4. Sarah Burns 503 - Tadah Social Media
  5. Roxanne Darling 1,368 - Barefeet Studios
  6. Howard Dinitz 396 - easyMauirealestate.com
  7. David Fisher 163 - Maui Venture Consulting LLC
  8. Jesse Francis 846 - mauicomputer.com
  9. Marilyn Jansen Lopes 110 - Maui Country Farm Tours
  10. Luana Fukumoto 358 - Covenant Clothing Co.
  11. Pete Jalbert 461 - Real estate agent
  12. Jt Klough 152 - Maui Dog Remedies
  13. Wendy Laurel 139 - Photographer
  14. Linda Lindsay 362 - me, school librarian with a definite #gonegoogle bent
  15. Peter Liu 548 - Photographer, digital media strategist, TEDxMaui digital media director
  16. Toby Neal  402 - Therapist, author (check out her shiny RED G+ background photo!)
  17. Kris Nelson 146 - Chicago-based photographer who loves Maui and does the Daily Maui Photo 
  18. Chris Norberg 2,320 - Hawaii Web Group website design
  19. Aimee Paradise 193 - Internet Design + PR + Travel
  20. Liza Pierce 309 - A Maui Blog
  21. Shane Robinson 1,881 - Artist Barefeet Studios
  22. Jenn Russo 282 - Maui Time writer
  23. Nicole Sanchez 1,223 - Arbonne area manager
  24. Jake Smookler 429 - Government security officer
  25. Sara Tekula 214 - Producer/Director/Media Consultant
  26. Shannon Wianecki 151 - Writer, editor
Have I missed any Maui blogger with 100 or more Google+ followers? I'm sure I have! Please let me know who you are and I'll add you to the list, as well as to my Google+ shared circle.

Maybe we should have a private Maui Bloggers community on Google+. What do you think?


Helpful links:

Denis Labelle's Google+ Toolbox
Instructions for sharing a circle

WHEW, so many links! Please let me know if I messed up. :)


  1. Wonderful idea, Linda! Can't wait to meet you IRL.
    Much aloha,
    Toby Neal

  2. Thanks for sharing all of us! It's important for all us bloggers to stick together and share eachother's work.

    One quick thing. I'm not a Chicago photographer and don't do the Daily Maui Photo. That's Kris Nelson. I live on Maui and have many websites to promote our amazing island. ALOHA!

    1. Gee, Chris, that was a HUGE mistake. Thanks for letting me know, and I corrected it.

  3. Oh my... I have to work on mine. Hope to get on this list soon :)

    Google + : Venus Bravo Yi
    Website: stylexvenus.com


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