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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Oral History Interviews Preserve Maui's Rich History (+ footage of Maui in 1940)

*Footage of Maui in 1940

My librarian friend +Debora Lum recently sent me this email:

"I'm sure you've heard of the UHM Center for Oral History making their transcripts available at scholarspace.manoa.hawaii.edu/handle/10125/21086. There are a lot of transcripts relating to your island."

Yes, indeed, there are a lot of transcripts relating to Maui, and they are so interesting to read!

Here are the ones that caught my eye and took me back to the day when life on Maui was a lot simpler.

(For interviews, scroll down to bottom of the page to download the PDF file)

Communities [414]

The Stores and Storekeepers of Pa'ia and Pu'unene collection is the richest of all for me, evoking wonderful memories of my childhood.

Stores and Storekeepers of Pa'ia and Pu'unene [35]
Mauians will recognize these other names too: Ancheta, Arakawa, Cabanayan, Guerrero, Hamai, Hayashida, Itakura, Itamura, Kobayashi, Kochi, Nakamura, Noda, Palafox, Perreira, Polo, Reyes, Sakumoto, Sato, Shimoda, Sevilla, Sueda,  Tamasaka, Teruya, Tsuji, Ujie, Zane.

The Center for Oral History is just one of dozens of communities within the University of Hawaii's ScholarSpace, searchable by:
A researcher's delight! And for me, a nostalgic walk back in time.

Mahalo to the UHM Center for Oral History!


*Video description: "We recently discovered several vintage 16mm films filmed in old Hawaii. These films were originally taken by an unknown photographer for his own, personal enjoyment while en route from San Jose to Australia in 1940. We purchased them at a garage sale at the house at an old local orchardist. The films were converted to digital by volunteers from the California Pioneers of Santa Clara County using a special telecine processor that allowed us to preserve these historic images at no charge. All Rights Reserved."

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