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Monday, March 31, 2014

Two Interesting Finds at Fourth Friday in Kihei

There seems to be something for everybody at Fourth Friday in Kihei and I couldn't possibly do justice to the event. You'll just have to check it out for yourself!

This trip, cookies and flowers called out my name.

1. The Maui Cookie Lady 

The Maui Cookie Lady sells the most interesting, gigantic gourmet cookies! 

There is, of course, The Maui Cookie. But how about Cat Nip? Or best seller Bacon-Nator? Or AllAmerican Fried Chicken and Waffle? $4 buys an interesting cookie -- so worth it -- with bragging rights. 

Unsurprisingly, the line was long, all night long. Yum!

Some of the Maui Cookie Lady's wares

2. Flower Hair Clips by Manutea Nui E

Joey of Manutea Nui E does Hawaiian and Tahitian Costumes, so the flowers she makes must look real, she says.

And they do! 

I bought two hair clips because I absolutely love wearing a flower in my hair and sometimes I can't get them fresh. Check out the array of accessories on the website.

Joey of Manuhea Nui E

If you can't make it to Fourth Fridays at Kihei in person, do the next best thing:

Watch it LIVE via a Live Stream by Akaku!

This video will show Fourth Friday in Kihei 6-9pm
Live streaming video by Ustream

Isn't that the coolest?

Check out Fourth Friday in Kihei -- yes, do it!


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