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Monday, March 23, 2015

5 #GR8Shots! Olowalu from the sea, king protea, organic Waikapu kulolo, Makawao sky, Hana sunset #MauiNoKaOi 03.23.15

More visual delights!

(I think I'll be checking out Noho'ana Farm's organic Waikapu kulolo booth at the Maui Ag Fest on April 4!) 

Olowalu from the sea, by @annakimphoto
A photo posted by Anna Kim (@annakimphoto) on

King protea at Ali'i Lavender Farm
A photo posted by Akl Maui Staff (@aklmaui) on

Organic Waikapu kulolo, by @nohoanafarm

Sky from Makawao, by @jeremymorton
A photo posted by Jeremy Morton (@jeremymorton) on 

Hana sunset by @spectekula
A photo posted by spectekula (@spectekula) on



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