Puunene Reunion 2007 Documentary

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Ulupalakua, pineapple, 5-island view, endangered endemic yellow hibiscus, and ulu -- 5 #GR8Shots #MauiNoKaOi 03.17.15

The colors! They really get to me ... and the textures.

View from Ulupalakua by @jamarilyn
A photo posted by Marilyn Jansen Lopes (@jamarilyn) on

A Maui Pineapple by @mauivisit
A photo posted by Maui Hawaii (@mauivisit) on

Five-Island View by @erikblair
A photo posted by Erik Blair (@erikblair) on

Endangered endemic yellow hibiscus, by @nohoanafarm
A photo posted by Nohoʻana Farm, Waikapū, Maui (@nohoanafarm) on

Ulu by @ediblehawaii
A photo posted by edible Hawaiian Islands (@ediblehi) on


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