Puunene Reunion 2007 Documentary

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Children's toy, valley view, G-Force the Guinea Pig, sunset, waterfall -- 5 Shots Around the Island #MauiNoKaOi 03.11.15

March 11, 2015

A mysterious toy in the making, shared by @mauichildrensbooksstore

Lovely textured view by @jamarilyn
A photo posted by Marilyn Jansen Lopes (@jamarilyn) on

G-Force the Guinea Pig from The Maui Humane Society
A photo posted by Maui Humane Society (@mauihumanesociety) on

Sunset by @amauiblog
A photo posted by Liza Pierce (@amauiblog) on

Waterfall by @mikenealstudios
A photo posted by Mike Neal (@mikenealstudios) on



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